2015 Regal Theater $1.00 Summer Movies

Admission to these movies during the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets must be purchased at the theater and all movies start at 10:00 am. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute. Search for a theater in your area to see where the Summer Movie Express is playing

2015 Movie Schedule Includes:
Keep checking back for the list of 2015 participating theatres
(Williamsville and Orchard Park locations are participating start date June 30!)

Week 1 (June 30/July 1)
Nut Job

Week 2 (July 7/8)
Earth to Echo
The Boxtrolls

Week 3 (July 14/15)

Week 4 (July 21/22)
Rio 2
How To Train Your Dragon 2

Week 5 (July 28/29)
Mr. Peabody
Book of Life

• Week 6 (August 4/5)
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Penguins of Madagascar

• Week 7 (August 11/12)
The Lego Movie
Dolphin Tale 2

• Week 8 (August 18/19)
Muppets, Most Wanted
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible,
No Good, Very Bad Day

• Week 9 (August 25/26)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Spongebob
- See more at: http://fun4kidsinbuffalo.com/category/williamsville/#sthash.1XCYiX2R.dpuf

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The Real Costs of Selling Your WNY Home

First-time home sellers are typically in for a bit of a shock when they receive the closing statement. Yikes! It seems like everyone in town has their fingers on part of the proceeds from the sale of the home. From taxes to insurance to real estate fees, what you think you’ll get at closing is chipped away until it’s far less than what you expected.

Presale Expenses

Depending on the condition of your home, getting it in shape to put on the market may require a good chunk of money. Paint, cleaning, repairs, staging and renting a storage unit are just a few of the bills that may occur during this period.

The good news is that some of these costs can be recouped at closing. Following is the return on investment for some common jobs, according to a nationwide survey of real estate agents conducted by


  • Cleaning and decluttering – 403 percent.
  • Electrical and plumbing repairs – 294 percent.
  • Landscaping – 215 percent.
  • Staging – 196 percent.
  • Interior paint – 107 percent.

After cleaning and decluttering, painting the interior of the home is probably one of the most important prep jobs you can perform. Nothing says “clean” better than a fresh coat of paint. Stick with neutral colors to appeal to the greatest number of homebuyers.

Minor repairs are next on the list, especially of items that are noticeable to homebuyers. These include:

  • Sagging window screens.
  • Cracked windows.
  • Dripping faucets.
  • Running toilets.
  • Minor aesthetic improvements.

If you’ve lived in the home for some time and haven’t kept up on home maintenance chores, you may want to order a home inspection. Yes, your buyers will most likely order one, but this one is for you – so that there are no expensive surprises while the home is under contract.

The price of a presale inspection of the home varies depending on region, but plan to spend at least $200.

Other items you may end up spending money on to get the home in shape for the market include plants and mulch for the garden beds outside, decorative items such as throw rugs, new towels and a shower curtain, flowers, and artwork (if you aren’t hiring a stager).

Listing Expenses 

Expenses that occur during the listing period depend on whether or not you’re living in the home. A vacant home requires that you keep the utilities on. This means you’ll be paying for lights and heat in two homes.

You may also need extra homeowners insurance during the period the home is on the market. Ask your insurance agent if your current policy covers the house while it is vacant.

FSBO Expenses… to read the entire article, click here


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Tuesdays in the Park



Artpark Amphitheater  VIEW VENUE MAP

  •  No food or beverage carry-ins
  •  $5 on-site parking
  •  All shows rain or shine
  • All bands, set times subject to change

Please click here for Full Venue Guide / FAQ

Tickets for Artpark concerts can be purchased online, click ‘Buy Tickets Now’ boxes below, tickets.com by phone at 1-888-223-6000 or in person at Artpark Box Office Mon-Sat 10am-4pm, 450 S. 4th St. Lewiston, NY

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Enjoy Williamsville Parks

With the warmer weather finally here, it is time to get out and explore Williamsville Parks. Within one square mile area of the Village of Williamsville there are five parks for Village residents. Various shelters are available for use or rental in Glen Park, Island Park and Garrison Park. All are welcome to enjoy Lehigh Memory Trail and South Long Street Park.

Island Park

Located behind Town Hall, this park is the scene of many Village functions including Old Home Days, the Savor-the-Flavor/Taste of Williamsville Food Festival, Music in the Park Series and Christmas Caroling in the Pines. It contains swings, slides, climbing apparatus, barbecue grills and a two foot wading pool. There are two picnic shelters (the large pavilion and small picnic gazebo) which may be rented by anyone. For information on rental, contact Village Hall at 632-4120.

Glen Park

Located near picturesque Glen Falls, Glen Park is jointly owned by the Village of Williamsville and the Town of Amherst. It was built in 1976 with funds obtained from a federal grant and includes many interconnecting ponds which are now home for many ducks. Popular activities in this walking park include taking wedding pictures, fishing and nature walks.

Lehigh Memory Trail

The Lehigh Memory Trail runs from S. Cayuga Road to S. Long Street in the Southwest section of the Village. It is the Village of Williamsville’s newest park. It was purchased from the Lehigh Railroad and converted into a park in 1990.
Garrison Park

Located at Garrison Road, S. Ellicott Street and Park Drive, Garrison Park is equipped with a wading pool that is 18″ deep, swings, slides and a climbing apparatus. There is a small gazebo located in the park which can be enjoyed by Village residents.

South Long Street Park

This beautiful Village park located on S. Long St. near Village Square Lane has seen some significant improvements over the past several years!

Amenities include a softball diamond that was greatly improved in 2010 in cooperation with the Amherst Girls Softball League, a soccer field with nets supplied via a cooperative agreement with the Amherst Soccer Association, a basketball court, tennis courts, children’s play pieces, and a recently installed gazebo.

For more information, rules, pricing, waivers and more please visit: http://www.walkablewilliamsville.com/parks.html

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ArtPark Gala

June 6, 2015 at 5PM
Niagara Falls Country Club
Proudly presented by
Proceeds from the 2015 Gala will support Artpark’s children & family programming including Family Saturdays, Family Movie Night, Summer Camps, and more.

Gala Chairpersons
Jack & Dena Armstrong
Michael & Janice Vitch

Gala Committee
Joanne Bauer
Christina Elia
Rose Gellman
Sophia Smith
Donna Tomkins
Judy Travis

2015 Gala Sponsors
Ivoclar Vivadent
Chiampou, Travis, Besaw & Kershner
Employer Services Corporation
Health Essentials Hyperbaric OxygenTherapy, LLC & Pamela and Joseph Priest
Maid of the Mist
Sheldon Wholesale

Tables Hosted by:
Calspan Corporation
Rose Gellman
Frey Electric
Niagara Falls Coach Lines
Paul & Katie Reid

Canfield Capital Mangemant
Great Lakes Real Estate
Delaware North

Linda Collignon
Dawn Digesare
Amy Greenan
Bethany Krull
Jesse Walp
Chuck Tingley

Contact Carrie Veltri at cvletri@artpark.net or 716-754-9000 ext. 131 if you are interested in Information regarding:

• Corporate Sponsorship Levels with benefits are available at $20,000, $10,000, and $5,000 please call for information.
• Corporate Table Purchases ($3,000)
• VIP Guests ($300+)
• Single Tickets ($250)
• Donations to Artpark are always welcome!


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Memorial Day Events Around Williamsville

Here are just a few events happening on Memorial day Weekend! Enjoy and be safe.

May 23: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with the whole family and kick off the summer season with the Boardwalk Carnival at Canalside! Hammerl Amusements will be bringing over 16 rides and games for all ages plus join us for fabulous food, a beer tent, live entertainment and much more.  An unlimited ride bracelet will be sold for just $20 per day per person. Please note, each ride will have a height requirement and take tickets to ride.


May 25, Williamsville Parade from 2:00pm-4:00pm  Honoring our nation’s veterans. The parade starts at Williamsville South High School marching west down Main Street to Los Robles Street. Ceremony at Williamsville Cemetery.

May 25, Newfane Parade at 11:00am. Corwin Cemetery, Lockport-Olcott and Hatter Roads, Newfane. Dress for the weather and bring your own chair to hear music, re-enactments, speeches and military honors. Your presence during this event honors the veterans who in times of war and peace stood strong in defense of the United States of America. American Legion Post 873, 716-471-0382

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Season-by-Season Lawn Maintenance Calendar

Spring had finally spring in WNY. Below is a season-by-season lawn maintenance calendar to get a barefoot-worthy lawn and ensure great curb appeal.

Early Spring

Like so many maintenance jobs, everything goes smoother — and you’ll get better results — with proper preparation. Early spring is the time to get ready for lawn-growing and mowing season.

Sharpen mower blades to ensure clean cuts. A dull blade tears the grass, leaving jagged edges that discolor the lawn and invite pathogens.
Sharpen mower blades once each month during grass-cutting season. Have a backup blade (about $20) so that a sharp one is always on hand.

Tune up your mower with a new sparkplug ($3 to $5) and air filter ($5 to $10). Your mower might not need a new sparkplug every season, but changing it is a simple job, and doing it every year ensures you won’t forget the last time you replaced your sparkplug.

Buy fresh gas. Gas that’s been left to sit over the winter can accumulate moisture that harms small engines. This is especially true for fuel containing ethanol, so use regular grades of gasoline.

If you need to dump old gasoline, ask your city or county for local disposal sites that take old fuel.

Clean up your lawn. Time to get out the leaf rakes and remove any twigs and leaves that have accumulated over the winter. A thick layer of wet leaves can smother a lawn if not immediately removed in early spring. Cleaning up old debris clears the way for applying fertilizer and herbicides.


Depending on your weather, your grass will now start growing in earnest, so be ready for the first cutting. Don’t mow when the grass is wet — you could spread diseases, and wet clippings clog up lawn mowers.

Fertilizing: Both spring and fall are good times to fertilize your lawn. In the northern third of the country, where winters are cold, fertilize in fall — cool weather grasses go dormant over winter and store energy in their roots for use in the spring.

For the rest of the country, apply fertilizer just as your grass begins its most active growth. For best results, closely follow the application directions on the product. You’ll spend about $50 to $75 per application for an average 1/4-acre lot.

Aeration: Aerating punches small holes in your lawn so water, fertilizers, and oxygen reach grass roots. Pick a day when the soil is damp but not soaked so the aeration machine can work efficiently.

Pre-emergent herbicides: Now is the time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from taking root in your lawn. A soil thermometer is a handy helper; you can pick one up for $10 to $20. When you soil temperature reaches 58 degrees — the temperature at which crabgrass begins to germinate — it’s time to apply the herbicide.

Early Spring
Early Summer
Early Fall

Early Summer

Watch out for grubs: Warm weather means that grub worms, the larvae stage of June, Japanese, and other beetles, start feeding on the tender root systems of lawns. Affected lawns show browning and wilting patches.

To be certain that the culprits are grubs, pull back the sod and look for white, C-shaped grubs. If you see more than 10 per square foot, your lawn should be treated with a chemical pesticide.

Milky spore is an environmentally friendly way to control some species of grubs. When using insecticides, read and follow all label directions, and water the product into the soil immediately. Cost is around $50 to $75 per application.

Grass-cutting tip: Your grass is starting to grow fast, and you might even be cutting more than once a week to keep up. To keep grass healthy, mow often enough so you’re removing no more than 1/3 of the grass blade.

Pesky weeds: Weeds that have escaped an herbicide application should be removed with a garden fork. Use a post-emergent herbicide only if you think the situation is getting out of hand.


Here’s a good mantra to guide you through the heart of grass-mowing season: The taller the grass, the deeper the roots, the fewer the weeds, and the more moisture the soil holds between watering.

With that in mind, here’s how to ensure a healthy, green lawn:

Set your mower blade height to 3 inches.

Deep and infrequent watering is better for lawns than frequent sprinkles, which promote shallow root growth. In general, lawns need about 1 inch of water per week to maintain green color and active growth.

Lawns that receive less than that will likely go dormant. That’s okay, the grass is still alive, but dormant lawns should still receive at least 1 inch of water per month. Your grass will green up again when the weather brings regular rains.

To check the output of a sprinkler, scatter some pie tins around the yard to see how much water collects in a specific length of time. Having a rain gauge ($5 to $20) will help you keep track of how much water the lawn receives naturally.

At least once each month, clean underneath your mower to prevent spreading lawn diseases.

Although it’s OK to leave grass clippings on the lawn where they can decompose and nourish the soil, large clumps of clippings should be removed. Regularly rake up any leaves, twigs, and debris.

Early Fall

The best time to patch bare or thin spots is when the hot, dry days of summer have given way to cooler temps. Follow these simple steps:

1. Remove any dead grass.

2. Break up the soil with a garden trowel.

3. Add an inch of compost and work it into the soil.

4. Add grass seed that’s designed for shade or full sun, depending on the area you’re working on. Spread the seed evenly across the bare patch.

5. Use a hard-tooth rake to work the seed into the soil to a depth of about half an inch.

6. Sprinkle grass clippings over the patch to help prevent the soil from drying out.

7. Water the area; you’ll want to keep the patch moist, so lightly water once a day until the seed germinates and the new grass gets about one inch tall.


Your main job in fall is to keep your lawn free of leaves and other debris. You can use a mulching mower to break up leaves and add the organic matter to your soil, but be sure to clean up any clumps so they don’t kill the grass.

In the northern one-third of the country, now is the time to fertilize your lawn. Your grass will store the nutrients in its roots as it goes dormant over the winter, and your lawn will be ready for a jump start when spring warms the ground.

This is also the time to clean up your garden.

Read more: http://members.houselogic.com/articles/lawn-maintenance-calendar/preview/#ixzz3YQWEDh00


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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo—or the fifth of May—commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). A relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas with large Mexican-American populations. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances and street festivals in cities and towns across Mexico and the United States.

For videos, pictures, more information please

Check out: http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/cinco-de-mayo

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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! While not an overly prominent holiday in America, it does have a long and notable history as one of the world’s principal festivals. The origin of the May Day as a day for celebration dates back to the days, even before the birth of Christ. And like many ancient festivals it too has a Pagan connection.

For the Druids of the British Isles, May 1 was the second most important holiday of the year. Because, it was when the festival of Beltane held. It was thought that the day divides the year into half. The other half was to be ended with the Samhain on November 1. Those days the May Day custom was the setting of new fire. It was one of those ancient New Year rites performed throughout the world. And the fire itself was thought to lend life to the burgeoning springtime sun. Cattle were driven through the fire to purify them. Men, with their sweethearts, passed through the smoke for seeing good luck.

Then the Romans came to occupy the British Isles. The beginning of May was a very popular feast time for the Romans. It was devoted primarily to the worship of Flora, the goddess of flowers. It was in her honor a five day celebration, called the Floralia, was held. The five day festival would start from April 28 and end on May 2. The Romans brought in the rituals of the Floralia festival in the British Isles. And gradually the rituals of the Floralia were added to those of the Beltane. And many of today’s customs on the May Day bear a stark similarity with those combined traditions.

May Day observance was discouraged during the Puritans. Though, it was re-lived when the Puritans lost power in England, it didn’t have the same robust force. Gradually, it came to be regarded more as a day of joy and merriment for the kids, rather than a day of observing the ancient fertility rights.

By the Middle Ages every English village had its Maypole. The bringing in of the Maypole from the woods was a great occasion and was accompanied by much rejoicing and merrymaking. The Maypoles were of all sizes. And one village would vie with another to show who could produce the tallest Maypole. Maypoles were usually set up for the day in small towns, but in London and the larger towns they were erected permanently.
Roots of May Day celebration in America:
The Puritans frowned on May Day, so the day has never been celebrated with as much enthusiasm in the United States as in Great Britain. But the tradition of celebrating May Day by dancing and singing around a maypole, tied with colorful streamers or ribbons, survived as a part of the English tradition. The kids celebrating the day by moving back and forth around the pole with the the streamers, choosing of May queen, and hanging of May baskets on the doorknobs of folks — are all the leftovers of the old European traditions.

Read more at http://www.theholidayspot.com/mayday/history.htm#iHQh6U7CFD1t8yhG.99

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Mother’s Day Happenings

Mother’s Day Brunch at the Buffalo Zoo
Presented by Tops Friendly Markets
Treat mom to a special catered brunch on Mother’s Day Brunch! There will be seatings at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Pre-paid, non-refundable tickets are required due to limited seating. Tickets include Zoo admission, crafts, and a gift for each mother. The price for non-Zoo members is $20 for adults and $15 for children, ages 2-14. Children under the age of 24 months will be admitted for free. Members will receive a $3 discount per ticket. To make your reservation, please CLICK HERE for tickets

Mom’s Day Brunch and Tour at the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum (Martin House Complex)
Celebrate Mom! Invite her to a delicious brunch buffet followed by a special Mother’s Day themed tour of the Darwin D. Martin House.
Give her the focused attention and pampering she deserves. Moms will receive an exclusive 20% Mom’s Day discount at our Museum Store. Purchase a beautiful floral bouquet for Mom inspired by the Martins’ love for gardens. Enter for a chance to win a Wright-designed Martin House replica urn filled with an assortment of delightful gifts!Space is limited so make your reservations today!
Brunch: 10:30 am
Tour: 11:15 am – 12:45 pm
$60 / $55 Members
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex
125 Jewett Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14214
(716) 856-3858
Make your reservation now or call 716-856-3858
Roasted Tomato Basil Frittata
Turkey Sausage
Herb Roasted Potatoes
Baked French Toast
Fresh Fruit Salad
Assorted Pastries and Muffins
Coffee, Tea and Juice
Mimosas and Bloody Marys

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CAROUSEL
Take your Mother to something different! CAROUSEL’s romance of Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan is one of musical theater’s classic stories. We witness one man’s shot at redemption in this Rodgers and Hammerstein masterpiece that hasn’t been professionally produced in WNY in over 20 years. The show includes the well-known songs “If I Loved You” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and won the 1994 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. Don’t miss the show that composer Richard Rodgers said was his favorite of all of his musicals!
May 9 – 4pm & 8pm
Musicalfare Theatre
4380 Main Street, Suite 123
Daemen College
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 839-8540 or for more information: https://www.musicalfare.com/

WUFO Pre-Mother’s Day Luncheon
Make Mom feel like a queen for a day. Join WUFO for our biggest
events of the year! Our annual Pre-Mother’s Day Luncheon takes
place May 9, 2015 from noon-3p.m. at the lovely Salvatore’s
Italian Gardens located at 6461 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043.

This marvelous event is the most sought-after Mother’s Day affair
in the city of Buffalo.

Each year, attendants enjoy delicious food and wonderful music.
Plus, guests experience a fabulous fashion extravaganza
featuring beautiful garments, and an inspiring keynote address.

There are plenty chances to win exciting raffles and various gifts
donated by our high quality merchants. You don’t want to miss this!

For ticket and sponsorship information contact 834-1080.

Mother’s Day Craft Expo/ Sale.
8am-5pm: L K Painter Community Center, 2355 Main Street, Collins, NY 14034. Crafters will have unique gifts for Mother….something that truly says — you are special; you are loved! Coffee, donuts, sweet rolls – available for Breakfast: Homemade soup & sandwiches available for lunch! Crafter spots still available! Free admission. Free parking.

The Protocol Steak & Seafood Restaurant, 6766 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY 14221. Now taking reservations for Mother’s Day Brunch and Dinner Buffett.

Contact (716) 632-9556 or visit: http://www.protocolrestaurant.com/Protocol-Special-Events.aspx

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