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Residential home sales for the Western New York area

Kathleen Saffire has been a licensed real estate agent since 1998 and has become a leader in residential home sales for cities and towns all across Western New York. She has helped countless homeowners sell their homes quickly and always works diligently to create value for potential buyers, so you get the most money possible. Have a skilled real estate agent on your side; get in touch today!

Sell your home faster and for more money

Homeowners often find that selling their home is a trying process. They’ve had the “for sale” sign sitting on their lawn for months, but there’s little interest being shown from buyers and they can’t seem to understand why. If this sounds like you, Kathleen Saffire is here to offer her expert advice and get your home sold fast! She’ll get your home listed where buyers are looking, help you present your house properly with home staging, and provide other tips on an effective selling approach.
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When you choose Kathleen Saffire as your real estate agent for your residential home sale, you put her nearly 20 years of expertise to work for you. That translates directly into getting your house off the market as quickly as possible. Inquire today about her professional home staging service or her relocation service. You’ll be happy you did!
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