Home Staging

Effective home staging for home sales in
Western New York

If you’re looking for the fastest and most effective way to sell your home, then Kathleen Saffire is your best option thanks to her professional home staging service. Home staging is the process of de-personalizing your home so that potential buyers can envision their own belongings and decor ideas within the house. Taught by the creator of the concept of home staging, Barb Schwarz, Kathleen understands which items need to be packed up and which ones will be effective in quickly selling your house. Let her expertise work for you, and call Kathleen today to prepare your house for sale!

The home staging process

Like decorating a house, home staging, or “de-decorating,” is an art. It’s all about selling the house and the space inside it. This process has been proven to work by the following:
  • Clearing out all the rooms one at a time so buyers can envision themselves and their belongings in the space. Decluttering by packing up collections and personal items (e.g. photos) early.
  • Using accessory items and pieces of furniture in different ways around the house. Making the commitment to getting your house, condo or townhouse ready for sale.
  • Taking the “sniff” test to detect any odors of pets, cooking, mildew, smoke and/or old carpeting. Living in our homes, we become accustomed to these odors, but they can immediately turn off a potential buyer when they walk in the door. Ventilate, deodorize and clean, then ask a friend or Kathleen to check the smell, as they do not live in your house. As Barb Schwarz says, “If you can smell it, you can’t sell it!”
Kathleen knows what buyers are looking for, and that’s a clean and peaceful place to move into. She’s ready to make your home the one they fall in love with!
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